HAREKRISHNA BAG: Harekrishna Bag was born in India and was Head of the Department of Printmaking at Calcutta University before arriving in Australia in 1992. His work represents his belief in art as a tool to engage with today's restless world. He uses a variety of media to focus on the eternal values of human spirituality, creating works based on both the real and the allegorical. "The beginning of our century started with violence against violence. I strongly believe the age-old doctrine of ‘non-violence' is the only answer to understand the futility of violence against humanity. Therefore I think, I comprehend and I express." Currently he is working in University of SA Museum, Adelaide Australia

Artist: Harekrishna Bag

Year: 1986
Size: 8" x 11"
Edition: 29/30
Medium: Intaglio Etching

Title: Offering

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