International Great Masters of Contemporary Art: Leonardo Da Vinci - 1452 - 1519, Vincent Van Gogh - 1853 - 1890, Claude Monet - 1840 - 1926, Paul Klee - 1879 - 1940, Henri Matisse - 1869 - 1954,

Salvador Dali - 1904 - 1989


Title: The Telegraph
Medium: Original Drypoint Etching with stencil on Arches paper, 1975 in black ink with stencil colours on paper, signed & numbered by artist in pencil
Size: Paper: 760x560 mm, Image 583x390 mm
Ref: Michler-Lopsinger - Dali Etchings #818 Albert Field 75-8 I (Page 107)
Condition: good

Printed by: Ateliers Regal.
Published by: Editions de Francony/Editions
Note: This was Issued in a porfolio entitled “Hommage Leonardo da Vinci (American Inventions), 1975, consisting of 12 drypoint etchings The small technical details were etched by J J J Rigal, the remainder etched by Dali. The first 50 suites was printed for Leon Amiel. The portfolio was not marketed until 1980.
Edition: 179/450

Title: Battle around a Dandelion
Medium: Jacquard Tapestry (Cotton/wool blend), woven 1988 - signed by artist in tapestry.
Size: 54” x 42” (105 x 137 cms)
Ref: n/a
Condition: very good

There were also 20 H/C Copies made.
Public Collections: Salvador Dali Museum, St Petersburg, Florida
Salvador Dali Archives, Astoria, New York
Note: This was made after an oil on canvas painting 1947.
Publisher: Demart Proarte
Edition: 347/600

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