JATIN DAS - 1941: Painter, poet, collector, sculptor - Jatin Das is proficient in varied genres of art. For him, none of these are hobbies for, as he had once explained, even mundane taska are important for him, and he focuses with equal intensity on whatever he does. Giving this intensity, it is not surprising that his work takes on a unique narrative power, although his drawings are devoid of a time element and his figures seem to derive their own power. A popular teacher, he has been associated with Delhi's College of Art and the National School of Drama for many years. It is perhaps typical of the man that he speaks equally passionately about his collection of unique fans as his current show. And yes, as a regular in the Capital's social circuit, Jatin seems to enjoy life beyond his paintings too.

Artist: Jatin Das

9" x 10"
Pen on Paper

JD_Pen Draw

Jatin Das

Size: 22" x 33"
Medium: Offset Print on Paper

Code: Primordial Couple

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