NANDINI GOUD: Daughter of senior and renowned artist, Laxma Goud, obtained her Bachelor's degree in painting as well as her Master's degree in printmaking, from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the MS University in Baroda. Her paintings & graphics reflect her preoccupation with Hyderabad, the place she unequivocally calls home. Her work tries to capture the day-to-day profile of a typical street in Hyderabad. Her works have been sold in auctions held by the world famous auction house, Christie's, and find place in the Herwitz Collection, which is amongst the best of Indian contemporary art in the world today.


Intaglio Etchings

Artist: Nandini Goud

Size: 4.5" x 5.5"
Medium: Oil on Canvas


Artist: Nandini Goud

8.5" x 9"
Medium: Oil on Canvas

Code: NG_X02

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