K S PURANSINGH CHUDA: Born 14 Feb 1952, Puran Singh Chuda (better know as Chhota),and a Prince by birth was born in Gujarat. He completed BFA MSU,Baroda and later at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in 1975.

In his career as an artist,he has experimented with a variety of creative pursuits including publicity material for the Gujarat Government. Over the years,he has made great effort to document ancient Indian Graphic Prints. He has copied onto cloth ,lithographs almost 120 years old, illustrating the Ramayanna, with a view to educating the people of Saurashtra about preserving their heritage in the form of ancient books and other religious graphics.

Artist: Puran Singh Chuda

29.5" x 21.5"
Medium: Mixed media on paper


Artist: Puran Singh Chuda

Year: 1978
Size: 21" x 29"
Medium: Acrylic on paper

Code: PSC02

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