RAMKINKAR BAIJ: Ramkinker Baij (1906-1980) is most prominently known for his central role in transforming Shantiniketan into a seminal center for modern Indian art. Working along the same lines of Nandalal Bose and B.B.Mukherjee, Ramkinker added to the romatic view of the world a deep sense of social commitment. He celebrated the strong presence of the Santhals, humans in tune with the dynamic environment. His landscapes had a life of their own.

Celebrated as India 's first modernist sculptor, he also produced monumental public sculptures such as Santhal Family (1939) and Sujata (1935) which concrete visual manifestations of his humanistic views. His water colors too contained in them a sense of immediacy, a moment captured through an economy of lines and translucent use of color. His oeuvre also drew inspiration from diverse styles- Rodin, the Impressionists to Cezanne.
  • Diploma in Visual Arts from Shantiniketan; Head of Dept. of Sculpture, Shantiniketan.
  • His works have traveled to several national and international exhibitions and are in the best collections of Modern Indian art.

Artist: Ramkinker Baij

Medium: Unsigned offset print
Size: 12" x 24"

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