SAMIR MONDAL: An alumnus of Govt.College of Arts,Calcutta,Mondal has held several solo shows in major cities of India and has celebrated twenty five years of exhibiting in the water colour medium. He is known as one of India's most skillful and successful water colours. He has received many prestigious awards including the AIFACS, New Delhi, West Bengal State Academy Award (twice), The Academy of Fine Award (twice) and the A.P. Council of Artists Award, Hyderabad. His works are in the collections of the NGMA, New Delhi, Museums of Karnataka, RPG Enterprises, Tata Steel and various other private and public collections. Mondal has and various other private and public collections. Mondal has participated in many group shows in India and abroad. Samir Mondal is noted for his skill with water colours,especially in large formats and he has held demonstrations of his dexterity with large sized water colours, which are often in vibrant colours. His spontaneous use of fresh colours to create dramatic images of women, flowers and butterflies and his ability to manipulate the medium, shows amazing and descriptive possibilities. He is rated among the finest portrait painters and is a well known cover page illustrator for many prestigious magazines. Samir Mondal lives and works in Mumbai, India.

Mythology is a favourite subject of this artist. Drawing on the ancient and rich cultural heritage of his native state as well as the country, Bandyopadhyay paints the numerous gods and goddesses that people Hinduism and the fascinating tales that abound in the literature of India.

Artist: Samir Mondal

Size: 8" x 11"
Medium: Marker on paper


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